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WH 5LED 5 Water Spray Handpiece

1.The need to use clean, dry, oil-free air compressors for medical use;
2.The air pressure between 2.3-2.8kgf / cm2;
3.Place the adapter with a quick connector at the bottom of a combination of dental handpieces, and confirm that the card lock fixed;
4.Press the pedal, handpiece operation, and examine whether the normal operation of the spray head. If everything is normal, you can start using the handpiece.

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Product Features

1.5 LED lamp, shadowless lighting ensures brightness at all preparation area
2.5 points spray, perfect cooling treatment
3.Anti-skid body and non-scratch design, easy to control and more comfortable
4.Burs would be easily changed with the push button

wh 5led 5 water spray handpiece 7

Product Parameters

-100% brand new and high quality.
-Material: stainless steel
-Rotation speed: more than 380,000 rpm
-Working air pressure: 0.25–0.3Mpa
-Cooling water: 5 water sprays
-Bur applicable size: 1.590-1.600 mm
-Style:4/2 hole/with Coupler
-Chuck bur: push button
-Bearing: ceramic ball bearing
-Noise: less than 65 dB
-Disinfection: autoclavoble to 135 ℃

wh 5led 5 water spray handpiece 8

Application and After-Sales Service

Warranty: one year for handle; three months for cartridge


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