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EZ X-Ray Soft Sensor

The EzSensor Soft device installer should check the following items listed in the table below
before Product installation. If the serial numbers of the individual parts do not match, do not
install the Product. Contact your local distributor or agent for support.
This product should be connected with a device or product which is complied with IEC 60601-1.

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Product Features

Easy to use, Easy to learn Software
With our easier and smarter software, you can
diagnose and plan treatment for every specialty.
– Implant Simulation
– 2 in 1 Consultation
– Comprehensive diagnosis
– Fully digitalize Ortho Analysis

ez x ray soft sensor 1

Product Parameters

1.Recommended Server PC Specifications
●Operating System: Window 2000 server or higher
●RAM: 4GB or Higher
●HDD: 1TB or higher
2.Recommended Client PC Specifications
●CPU: Core DUO CPU 1.8GHz or Higher
●Main Memory: 2GB or Higher
Graphics Card: 512MB or Higher
●HDD: 2GB free space
●Display: 1280x1024x32bpp
3.Operating System
●Window 34&64bit: XP(SP1), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

ez x ray soft sensor 2

Application and After-Sales Service

Application:Application: X-ray machine
After-Sales Service:1years

ez x ray soft sensor 2


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