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Color: silver

Size: 24*11*4CM

Connection method: 2/4 holes

Air Pressure: 2-5KG/c㎡

speed: 10000-35000rpm

Zozzle Angles:60°/90°

Particle Size: 50 microns-1000g loaded

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Dental Orthodontic Aluminum Oxide Microblaster

  1. High-quality stainless steel structure , solid and durable.
    2. High-temperature and high strength engineering materials sand tank, make sure fthe firm grip type structure.
    3. European machinery processing technology , high surface finish, easy to clean, more adapted to high temperature and pressure desinfection.
    4. Perfect design,various parts of the mass accuracy scientific distribution.
    5. Sand tank can be used as operation handle, comfortable and convenient. as a container, it is tight tank wall prevent contaminates
    6. Gun-side high sensitivity touch switch, switch as you wish.
    7. Nozzle can be rotated 360° design, precise injection can ve anywhere.
    8. Connection gas convenient.
    9. Precision blasting direction and range.
    10. European quality, with precise tolerances,seamless connection, to prevent the occurrence of loose parts off.


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