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Dental Microscope 3000E

3000E microscope manual fine focus (14mm)function makes it easier to obtain clear in high magnification.
3000E microscope rotatable handles:360degrees variable rotation .easy to be placed at any intended position and enable the surgeon to move the microscope head easily.

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inclinable binocular tube: more ergonomic binoculars (with 210-degree movement )provide a comfortable working position for surgeons. pupil distance is an adjective as well for better viewing.

Product Features

ease to use
1*ergonomic binocular tube (210-degree movement )
2*flexible balance system
3*360-degree rotation handle
4*pendulum structure
5*eternal full HD imaging system, optional accessories for flexible upgrade

Product Parameters

Dental Microscope
-Zoom magnification
-Binocular tube var.
-Focus f=250mm (0-16mm focusable)
-LED illumination
-Mobile stand

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: dental endo
Warranty period:1 year, detected by an engineer from date to delivery.


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