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Dental Microscope 3000D

3000D microscope the new 4K Ultra HD (UHD) image recording system, based on Sony’s
high-end image sensor, supports high-speed (up to 30fps) smooth display
and recording of 4K surgical video. The 3000D microscope’s maximum static image resolution
is 12 million pixels, which is 6 times that of the 1080P Full HD FHD system.

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Product Features

The seamless control of the built-in camera can be realized by the mobile
phone app, wireless remote controller, tablet computer, etc., including
one-key video recording and setting of individualized parameters.

The system applies a high-speed TF card for storage and supports 128G
Max… The image data recorded by the system can be downloaded wirelessly
to the local machine for subsequent processing. It supports live streaming
(live broadcast modules needed), suitable for telemedicine, distance teaching, and other areas.

Product Parameters

dental microscope 3000d 7

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: dental endo
Warranty period:1 year, detected by the engineer from date to delivery.

ergonomic design: easy to use

1*ergonomic binocular tube (210-degree movement )
2*flexible balance system
3*360-degree rotation handle
4*pendulum structure
5*eternal full HD imaging system, optional accessories for flexible upgrade


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