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Automatic Sterilizer Steam 16L Class B

WR-××B-A Series Automatic Steam Sterilizer(hereinafter referred to as sterilizer) is a precision instrument specializing in the operation occasion in need of simple, fast, and efficient sterilization by the doctor or his/her assistants. The doctor shall take the responsibility for such work.

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The sterilizer adopts a microprocessor to enable intelligent control, which makes it easy to operate. Fully automated control, dynamic parameters, and status display. Automatic fault diagnosis, over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protection to ensure the reliability of sterilization and disinfection.

Product Features

The accessories of Sterilization include: Sterilization Chamber, Door unit, Insulation unit, Pipe system, Safety valve, Control system, Storage tanks, wastewater tank, Steam generator and so on
The vacuum pump pulsates three times creating less residual air in the chamber to ensure a better sterilization effect.
The LCD screen show all sterilization data, which ensure better control of the sterilization process
A safety valve is installed in the sterilizer when pressure beyond 0.27Mpa. The balance pressure can be released by a safety valve to ensure safe operation.
The instrument has a self-protect feature. When the water tank Lack of water or drainage water tank is full, the machine will finish the current sterilization cycle but can not start the next operation unless add water is added or drainage is complete. There will be a buzzer to remind users to add or drain water
This product can be applied in the tooth device, operation device, sanitary material, and other heat-resisting articles existing in the Dept. of stomatology, ophthalmology surgery, and lab.

Product Parameters

The inner chamber of the Sterilizer (Diameter X Depth):
12L:200mm X 360mm 16L:229mm X 360mm
18L:245mm X 350mm 23L:245mm X150MM
Sterilizer product size(length*width*height):
23L:660mm X 442mm X 380mm
18L:540mm X 442mm X 380mm
Related Voltage:220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Related Power:1800w
90~130KPa/121℃(standard atmospheric pressure)
20~230KPa/134℃(standard atmospheric pressure)
Safety Grade:Grade I
Water tank Capacity:2L
Each cycle water consumption:0.3L
Minimum tank level alarm:0.5L
Operate Temperature:0~40℃

Application and After-Sales Service

Application:Application: Disinfection and sterilization
After-Sales Service:1years


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