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3 In 1 Cordless Endo Motor With Built-In Apex Locator

3 in 1 cordless endo motor with a built-in apex locator (A quality) Apical control with rotary instruments
The position of the file is displayed on the screen and the motor rotates in the reverse direction when the file reaches.

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pre-set apical working length, to prevent over instrumentation

Product Features

Manual canal measurement
Manual file clip can be used to measure canals precisely with hand files
Multi-frequency technology with high accuracy&precision
Apex-Locator flash bar with zoom-in function(when a file goes beyond 0.5mm)

3 in 1 motor with built in apex locator 2

Product Parameters

9 types torque; 4 working models;
LCD display; available for 20:1, 16:1, 10:1 etc reduction speed; start/stop,, apical reverse, torque reverse, apical slowdown synchronized apex

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: dental endo
Warranty period:1 year, detected by an engineer from date to delivery.


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